DarkFox's Character List

Every character with an underline can be clicked on so you can learn
more about that specific character that you may haven't of known!

CHAO CHARACTERS --------------------------------
Bubbles The Dark Swim Chao
Rainbow The Shadow Chao
Choco The Tails Chao
Spike The Chao
Caffeine The Angel Chao
Fruity The Angel Chao
Rocky The Dark Chao
Kips The Mudkip Chao
Kobra The Sonic Chao
Drajeni The Swim Chao
Nye The Chao
Mark The Neutral Chaos Chao
Blize The Chao
Techno The Robot Chao
Iron The Robot Chao
Flamee The Dark Chaos Chao
Zeno The Dark Swim Chao
Peaches The Angel Chao
Vile The Weavile Chao
Cupcake The Angel Chao
Ember The Neutral/Dark Chao
Berry The Neutral Chaos Chao
Dragon The Dark Chao
Track The Shadow Chao
Knak The Knuckles Chao
Frooshie The Chao
Polaris The Dark Fly Chao/Devil Chao
Flappian The Chao
Blend The Omochao
Schlemond The Chao
Zippie The Swim Chao
DJ The Chao
Chronic The Fly Chao
Pebbles The Chao

POKEMON CHARACTERS -----------------------------
Ragin The Dragonite
Rocks The Furret
Ore The Aron
Proven The Marowak
Sparkie The Pikachu
Patrick The Pikachu
Fireball The Typhlosion
Max The Pichu

CAT CHARACTERS ---------------------------------------------
Liz The Cat
Midnight The Cat
Afternoon The Cat
Idiam The Cat
Shark The Cat
Dribble The Cat
Scar The Cat
Bones The Cat
Lily The Cat

CARPUT DRAGONS -------------------------------------------
(I Made These up...)

Metalicized Carput Dragons are made entirely out
of Silver and or Metal Elements. Smizthz Scientists
created special Zith Chips that are put in side of
them in which giving them special power such as
Rainbowed Slash, or incredibly smart minds. 

Fire Bellied Carput Dragons appeared when the world's
largest Volcano erupted several years ago. Some say the
blast attracted them to appear, and others think that they
came out of an over sized lava rock which causing the
Flame covered belly to be covered as so, thus, blaming the
Volcano for their appearance. Most have aggressive minds,
when others don't do anything at all.

Frozen Stalker Carput Dragons are the most dangerous
and mysterious of them all. They say if one spots you, and you don't
know it is there, you are probably a goner. Because what it does is
it starts to sneak up on you, and if you turn around, it turns into an
invisible frozen statue. Smizthz Scientists know because one volunteer
got a picture before he somehow disappeared. Showing a picture of the
Carput Dragon. No scientists have been attacked and survived to
tell the others what it does. So for now, it remains a mystery... 

System The Metalicized Carput Dragon
Consernsum The Fire Bellied Carput Dragon
Red The Fire Bellied Carput Dragon
Myth The Frozen Stalker Carput Dragon

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