Dragged Under

Rainbow and Bubbles sat in a soft grassy field, when Bubbles asked how Rainbow uses his Chaos Control.

"How do you do it?" Bubbles asked.
Rainbow raises his hand and a small see through ball of Chaos appeared in his hand. "Like this." He replied, and launched it at a nearby tree.
Causing it to explode. 
"Wow. Have you had that all your life?" Bubbles asked again, staring at him. 
"Quite a long time. Our father showed me how to do it. He would've showed you, but you got too many Swim animals."
Bubbles blushed. "Sorry." Then he looked up at the cloudless sky. Enjoying the day.
From the distance, a red chao named Polaris leaped out of the ground causing dirt to fly every where. She focused on Rainbow, tackling him to the ground.
Bubbles turned seeing her holding him down, grinning mysteriously. "RAINBOW!!"  Bubbles yelled. Then jumped over trying to help. When he reached her, he pulled at her trying to drag her off. 
Polaris, noticing the small Dark Swim Chao pulling at her, slashed him as hard as she could causing a large gash over his left eye. 
Bubbles flew, and landed on the grass. 
Polaris stared at him like she was showing off a victory pose. Then remembered she accidentally let go of Rainbow.
Rainbow was running as fast as he could as the sun began to change the skies' color. 
Then Polaris lept into the air, flying after him. She flew right in front of Rainbow, as he stopped, shivering in fear.
"Your soul is mine!" She roared, raising her right hand as she pulled the life out of his body.
Then he fell. His life was lost.